Radio Broadcast

Thank you so much to Charlene Bowden and Its Just Us Radio. I had so much fun.

You can listen to the broadcast.

I just have a couple of after thoughts...

1. The Teenager's Guide to Running Away is published as TGTRA AKA Bob's Book of Poetry, under my pen name Amous Anon. I also have a website: Seriously, a kid can't have a book sitting around with the title Teenager's Guide to Running Away.

2. My grandfather was a good man. He, however, did not have a functional relationship with my grandmother. I never saw a tender moment between them. They fought all the time, when I was around. There was always an air of "hate" in their home. So reading love letters really made me see the man he once was. He was always kind to me, but I always wondered why they stayed married for so many years.

3. I erroneously said I have trained over 2,000 teachers, (I wish), I have trained over 200 teachers...ah the difference a zero makes. I'd love to train 2,000 teachers...ah the difference that would make.